Passenger/Vehicle Ferry and
Mini-coach Shuttle service between
Coffman Cove on Prince of Wales
Island, Wrangell and Petersburg.

Four times a week, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, beginning in 2015, the Rainforest Islands Ferry’s new public passenger/vehicle service will connect Wrangell, Petersburg – via South Mitkof – and Prince of Wales Island – via Coffman Cove. Departing every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

This reliable, comfortable, and scenic ferry service is facilitated by completion and paving of highways to/from ferry landings at Coffman Cove and South Mitkof. Mini-coach service connecting with ferry arrivals and departures will be provided on Prince of Wales Island, Wrangell, and Mitkof Island enabling highway transits by ferry passengers without vehicles, including passengers with carry-on kayaks and canoes. In addition to baggage service for passengers, the ferry and mini-coaches will carry parcel express throughout the service area.

The Rainforest Islands Ferry will feature lounge and coffee shop seating, and will offer food and beverage service.

2015 Rainforest Islands Ferry Fares and Schedule

The ferry’s arrivals and departures will be scheduled during convenient travel hours, and will connect with Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Marine Highway at Petersburg and Wrangell. Passenger and vehicle fares, transit times and port calls, are planned for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2015, and Winter 2015-2016.  Please note if there are no confirmed reservations in Wrangell & Petersburg the Rainforest Islander may not stop, if you would like to travel day of travel please call the boat 907-821-4524 before 11:00 am and leave a message.  Our boat staff will check the message before arriving at Wrangell and will stop to pick you up.