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Vehicles and their passengers must be ticketed and available to board 30 minutes prior to sailing.  Walk-On passengers are to be ticketed and available to board 15 minutes prior to sailing.  Late arrival may result in loss of reserved space for that sailing.


Rainforest Islands Ferry generally observes a security plan promulgated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  All passengers 18 and over are required to present a valid government issued photo ID prior to boarding the vessel.  All vehicles are subject to search.  Additional security measures may be added.

Unaccompanied Minors

Passengers must be at least 12 years of age to travel without an adult.  Passengers 12 to 15 years of age, traveling alone, must have a parent or guardians written consent.

Vehicle Deck

Passengers are not allowed on the vehicle deck while vessels are underway unless accompanied by a Rainforest Islands Ferry crew member.


Animals must remain in owner’s vehicles or in owner provided containers on the vehicle deck, except Service Animals and small pets contained in portable mini-kennels for stowage under passenger seats.

No Tobacco Use

No smoking, use of smokeless tobacco, other tobacco products, e-cigarettes or vaporizers is allowed on board.

Delays & Cancelled Schedules

Weather, tides, and other factors may cause scheduled trips to be delayed or cancelled.  The Rainforest Islands Ferry regrets the possibilities of such delays and cancellation but is not responsible for any cost incurred by customers resulting from alterations in its timetable.

Change/Refund Fee & Open Credits

There is no fee for refunds.  Open credits must be used within one year of the purchase date or original date of sailing, and open credits are transferable with authorization from purchaser.

Parcel Express and Freight

Parcel express and freight must be delivered to ferry terminals in closed and sealed packaging, clearly labeled with name and address of shipper and consignee.  Parcel express items up to 70 lb. must be placed in the vessel’s baggage/parcel express totes by shipper, and removed from totes by consignee.  In order to receive the freight rate, shipments of individual items exceeding 70 lb. each, and /or any total shipment exceeding 180 lb. must be loaded on pallets, totes, slings, rigid bundles, or other units capable of being handled by fork lift.  Maximum weight of individual units of freight is 3,000 lb.  All units of freight must be securely packaged or wrapped, and strapped or otherwise secured in water-resistant material capable of protecting freight stowed outside, without shelter or other weather protection, on the vessel’s weather deck.  All parcel express and freight shipment must be booked by Rainforest Islands Ferry office staff before delivery to the ferry terminal.  Special arrangements must be requested of office staff for booking units of freight with any dimension measuring over six feet.  Rainforest Islands Ferry is not responsible for loss or damage to parcel express and freight.  Parcel express and freight charges must be prepaid by shipper.  Please have shipper fill out our waybill form and include the completed form with packages.

Passenger Conduct

Rainforest Islands Ferry reserves the right to refuse passage to any person apparently under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or any person whose conduct would be considered dangerous or objectionable to other passengers.  Alcohol and illegal drugs may not be consumed, or used, aboard the vessel.  Persons who attempt to gain passage in a fraudulent manner will be denied boarding.

Comment or Complaint

The General Manager is responsible for receiving and investigating complaints about Rainforest Islands Ferry operations or employees.  Please click here to email the General Manager.


Walk-on passengers with firearms are required to check them with a crew member.  Firearms must be unloaded with ammunition stowed separately and be locked in a hard container.  Unloaded firearms in locked hard container may be securely locked in a passenger’s vehicle.

Hazardous Materials

Explosives or flammable materials and corrosives may not be transported.  It is permitted to take up to 30 gallons of gas and up to 55 gallons of diesel or bar oil in addition to what is held in the vehicle tank.  A reasonable amount of helium is permitted.  10 gallons of propane is permitted, per vehicle.  Oxygen is allowed, but no Acetylene.

Lounge Seating

Please do not occupy or reserve seating to the exclusion of other passengers.

Hand Luggage

Walk-on passengers may bring hand luggage, with weight not to exceed 300 pounds per person.  Additional weight may be shipped as parcel express.  Only items in the care and custody of a passenger will be accepted as luggage.  Passengers are responsible for the handling and the safety of their luggage, including placing it on and off luggage totes.  There is no weight limit on luggage in a vehicle.  Unaccompanied luggage is not permitted and will be confiscated.  All luggage and vehicles may be subject to security search.

ADA Facilities

The Rainforest Islands Ferry is not independently accessible.

Laptop Computers

Electricity is provided for laptop computers.  Electric outlets are 110-volt/60 cycle AC.

Vehicles & Schedules

Vehicle rates do not include the driver.  All rates and fares are one-way.  Rainforest Islands Ferry does not provide for loading or off loading vehicles.  Shipping a vehicle without a driver,  loaded/unloaded to/from ferry by crew is subject to a 20% surcharge.  Rainforest Islands Ferry is not responsible for vehicle damage resulting from tidal ranges affecting angle of transfer ramps.  A weight slip showing combined overall weight of tractor, trailer/van and load is required for commercial vehicles.  If the vehicle has a hitch, please remove the hitch if it is not in use to facilitate loading/unloading and stowage.  Vehicle windows must be unobstructed when driving on and off the Rainforest Islander. Vehicles in an unsafe condition may be denied boarding.  Departure and Arrival times may be affected by weather and tidal conditions.

Vehicle Dimensions and Weights:

Vehicles up to 30 ft. length, 11 ft. height, 8 ½ ft. width, and 26,000 lb. gross vehicle weight (GVW) can be carried. Vehicle fares are based on overall length, width, and weight of the vehicle. Surcharges apply for vehicle widths over 7 ft. and weights over 8,000 lb. Owners and drivers of vehicles with long overhangs are advised that angles of the launch ramp and vessel’s bow ramp may cause damage to underbody parts, such as holding tanks and plumbing. North End Ferry Authority is not responsible for damage cause by angles of launch ramp and bow ramp.

Trailers, Motor Homes, and Recreational Vehicles:

There is no access to vehicles on the vehicle deck while the vessel is underway. Vehicles may not be occupied by passengers during ferry trips. Electrical connections are not available for vehicles on board, and bottled gas containers must be turned off prior to boarding.


Motorcycles must be secured on the vehicle deck with appropriate stands and lashings, which must be provided and set in place by the motorcycle owner/driver.

Unaccompanied Vehicles:

Vehicles not accompanied by a driver are subject to a 20% surcharge. North End Ferry Authority employees can load/unload unaccompanied vehicles to/from the ferry in emergencies, but vehicles owners are requested to provide for loading/unloading of these


There is no ship’s doctor.  Medical services consist of first aid only.  Passenger’s are required to notify Rainforest Islands Ferry of any special accommodations that may be needed in an emergency.

Safety Onboard

Passenger and crew safety is the highest priority, complying with U.S. Coast Guard regulations.  All passengers must inform themselves of where safety equipment and emergency exits are located.  In the event of an emergency, passengers will be informed of the nature of the emergency then instructed by ship’s crew on how to proceed.  Click Here to read the safety briefing announced on every voyage.